WOST-W 200 Women in Society: Intro. to Women's Studies (3 cr)

Interdisciplinary exploration of women’s position in society from a predominantly social scientific perspective. Considers such topics as socialization and gender stereotypes, the impact of different political and economic systems on women, theories of human development, the effects of ethnicity, and class.
Offered fall semesters.

WOST-W 201 Women in Culture: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 cr)

Interdisciplinary explorations of women’s roles, images, history, and experiences, with emphasis on the perspective of the arts and humanities. Considers such topics as socialization and stereotypes, the roles of various institutions in shaping women’s lives, the effects of gender on creativity.
Offered online in spring semesters.

WOST-W 300 Topics in Women's Studies (3 cr)

A variable title course. An interdisciplinary study of selected ideas, trends and problems in women’s studies.

WOST-W 480 Practicum in Women’s Studies (3 cr)

Internships in the women’s studies program are offered to provide opportunities for students to gain work experience while serving women’s needs. This experience is combined with an academic analysis of women’s status and experience in organizations.
Offered on an individual basis.

WOST-W 495 Readings and Research in Women’s Studies (3 cr)

Individual readings and research in Women and Gender Studies.
Offered primarily in spring semesters.