TEL-T 283 Introduction to Production Techniques & Practices (3 cr)

Introductory hands-on production course which concentrates on the planning and production of video and related media. Specific units include TV studio, field shooting/linear tape editing and digital video non-linear video editing. Content consists of applied activities within a conceptual framework. Class partnership with WCTV.
Offered every semester.
Permission of instructor required.

TEL-T 490 WCTV Communication Studies Internship (3 cr)

Whitewater Community Television (WCTV) is a community- based, not-for-profit organization. Students will have the opportunity to work with closely with the WCTV staff to develop and expand hands-on skills in a variety of areas including producing, directing, editing, staging, and possibly reporting.

Pre-requisites: JOUR-J 210

TEL-T 498 Projects in Telecommunications (3-6 cr)

Individual projects in the area of telecommunication. Students must receive approval from advisor and a project director.
Offered every semester.