SPCH-C 325 Interviewing Principles & Practices (3 cr)

Study and practice of methods used in business and industrial interviews, emphasizing the logical and psychological bases for the exchange of information and attitudes.

SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (3 cr)

Theory and practice of public speaking: training in thought processes necessary to organize speech content, analysis of components of effective delivery and language.
Offered fall, spring and summer semesters.
Offered on campus and online (SPCH-S 121 Online Section Requirement) (SPCH-S 121 Credit by Examination Assessment).

SPCH-S 122 Interpersonal Communication (3 cr)

Introduction to the study of communication, culture, identity and power. Each student does original primary research. Topics range from groups in North Africa to high school and college students in the United States, and issues such as gendered language, slang, verbal play, and institutional language.

SPCH-S 303 Propaganda and Persuasion (3 cr)

A study of the history, practice and effects of propaganda. Particular attention is given to differences between strategies explored in propaganda and those employed in more ethical forms of persuasion. The emphasis of the course is on the use of propaganda in contemporary society.

SPCH-S 323 Speech Composition (3 cr)

Advanced speech writing focusing on the content of speeches: the theory and practice of informative, persuasive, and ceremonial speaking. Topics include the principles of organization, exposition and argumentation, and language and style.
Offered periodically.

SPCH-S 333 Public Relations (3 cr)

An introduction to the principles of public relations, including ethics of public relations, impact on society, and uses by government, business, and social institutions for internal and external communication. Public relations as a problem-solving process utilizing theoretical and applied communication strategies.

SPCH-S 335 Presentations in Professions (3 cr)

Development of presentation skills used in professional settings, with emphasis on research, clarity of organization, and delivery settings (small group, video, etc.). Various forms of presentations are practiced: debate, persuasive, and others.

Pre-requisite: SPCH-S 121 or equivalent.

SPCH-S 490 Professional Practicum/Internship (3 cr)

Supervised opportunity to learn through direct field experience by working in local print, electronic, speech, public relations, and/or theatre related situations.

SPCH-S 502 Introduction to Communication Theory (3 cr)

Introduction to various theories and methods of research in human communication studies. Includes theories of discourse and culture, message production and reception, symbol systems, social constructionism, relational communication, conversation analysis, social influence, communication competence, and other topics.