JOUR-J 110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communications (3 cr)

Survey of the institutions of journalism and mass communication, their philosophical foundations, history, processes, economic realities, and effects.

JOUR-J 210 Visual Communication (3 cr.)

Theories of visual communications including human perception, psychology of color, and principles of design. Application of those theories to photography, video, and computer graphic design in news communication.

JOUR-J 219 Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr)

Provides an overview of public relations and introduces theory and practice of the field. Topics include the relationship between public relations and marketing, the history and development of public relations, measurement and assessment methods, ethics, and law.

JOUR-J 390 Public Relations Writing (3 cr)

This course focuses solely on writing for Public Relations(PR). The writing assignments are rather short because PR writing is concise, not superfluous. The theoretical part of writing for PR will be explored. However, the knowledge and understanding of PR will be secured via practice. You will produce your writing and analyze PR writing of others. Moreover, you will learn the basics of one publishing software and produce PR pieces such as newsletters, brochures, and an organization reports.

JOUR-J 410 Journalism Media as Social Institutions (3 cr)

Examination of the functions and impact of the mass media in society with primary focus on the United States. Discussion of the values of media organizations and the professional and ethical values of journalists. Critical analysis of the relationship of the media and society and the effect of political, economic, and cultural factors on the operation of the media.

JOUR-J 412 Media and Terrorism (3 cr)

This course focuses on the intersection of media, terrorism, and politics.  Specifically, this course examines the portrayal of terrorism in the media and on how terrorists use the media to influence public opinion.