HON-H 100 Freshman Honors Seminar (3 credits)

This course is a specially designed Freshman Year Seminar for academically accomplished students. Course content and activities guide students through meaningful self-exploration that informs their introduction to The Honors Program and to university life.

HON-H 209 Introduction to Honors Program (for online students; 1-3 credits)

Interdisciplinary, special topics course with an introduction to research, service learning, and portfolio writing.

HON-H 233 Sophomore Humanities (3 credits)

This course is a survey of the Great Books and the Great Ideas of the Western Tradition. Students will engage in explication and analysis of the history of the human endeavor from myriad perspectives, including philosophy, history, literature and the fine arts.

HON-H 303 Honors Colloquium (3 credits)

The topic of this course is variable as it will be taught by different faculty from various departments. This course is designed for Honors students to learn about cutting edge research and creative work being conducted by faculty across the disciplines.

H-option courses (9 credits)

These courses are ones in which students will personalize their general study by conducting individualized inquiry that reaches beyond common content of the class. Students will present the artifacts of their H option work in the Honors Poster Session at Student Research Day.

HON-H 499 Honors Senior Thesis (3 credits)

This course is the capstone research experience which is student-designed and faculty-mentored. Students may elect to complete a written thesis or a creative project in their major area or in a different discipline of study. Student will present their final thesis project during the Honors Oral Presentation Session at Student Research Day.