FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art (3 cr)

A survey of major styles and monuments in art and architecture from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages.
Offered fall semesters.

FINA-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art (3 cr)

A survey of major artists, styles, and movements in European and American art and architecture from the fifteenth century to the present.
Offered spring and occasional summer semesters.

FINA-A 200 Topics in Art History (3 cr)

Variable topics in art history.

FINA-A 342 20th Century Art (3 cr)

Survey of major artists, styles, and movements in painting and sculpture from 1900 to 2000 in Europe and the United States.
Offered spring semester.

FINA-A 390 Museum Studies I: Methods, History, Issues (3 cr)

Introduction to basic workings of an art museum: the history of museums, collection management, cataloging of objects. The course works closely with staff from museums nearby.
Joint-offered with ANTH-A 305 and HIST-T 325.

FINA-H 101 Art Appreciation (3 cr)

A course designed to acquaint the student with outstanding works of art and to provide an approach to appreciation through knowledge of purpose, techniques, form, and content. Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.

FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio Drawing (3 cr)

Development of visual awareness and coordination of perceptual and manual skills; seeing, representing, and inventing on an experimental, exploratory level in two dimensions. Includes placement, scale, volume, light, formal articulation, and investigation of graphic tools and media.
Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.

FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio-3D (3 cr)

Volume, space, material, and physical force studies provide the basis for exploration of three-dimensional form; includes carving, construction, modeling, and casting using wood, plaster, styrofoam, clay, etc.
Offered fall and spring semesters.

FINA-F 102 Fundamental Studio-2D (3 cr)

Color, shape, line, and value structures are studied as the basis for exploration of two-dimensional spatial relationships; including investigation of traditional and unconventional tools and media.
Offered spring semester.

FINA-N 198 Intro to Photography for Non-Majors (3 cr)

A contemporary introduction to fine art photography. Covers technical, aesthetic and historical issues of quality image making. Assigned projects demonstrate and develop conceptual and technical understanding of materials. Discussions provide hands-on technical assistance and help in editing and critiquing visual assignments. Requires a digital SLR camera or a digital camera with full manual controls.
Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.

FINA-S 200 Drawing I (3 cr)

Preliminary course for advancement in drawing, stressing basic visual awareness; seeing, representing, and technical command on a two-dimensional surface. Problems in handling placement, scale, space, volume, light and formal articulation.
Offered fall and spring semesters, as well as occasional summers.

FINA-S 230 Painting I (3 cr)

Preliminary course for advancement in painting; exploring technical and visual aspects of color media. Emphasis on media command and structural problems in painting. Media: oil and acrylics.
Offered spring semester.

FINA-S 250 Graphic Design I (3 cr)

Drawing and perception in the history and practice of visual communication, including a basic introduction to the field and exercises with pencil, marker, computer, and other tools, to produce symbols, letter forms, and symbol-letter combinations.

FINA-S 260 Ceramics I (3 cr)

A limited introduction to hand building, throwing, glaze mixing, and glaze application, including a few lectures on basic ceramic techniques. Critiques of student work.
Offered in fall and spring semesters, as well as occasionally in summer.

FINA-S 270 Sculpture I (3 cr)

Foundation in basic technical and formal methods of traditional and contemporary sculpture. Use of tools and equipment for additive and subtractive techniques include: wood construction, steel fabrication, clay modeling, plaster mold making and cold casting, and assemblage. Emphasis placed on technical execution, conceptualization and creative problem solving.
Offered in fall semesters, as well as occasionally in summer.
Can be taken once for credit.

FINA-S 280 Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design I (3 cr)

Introductory course for exploring metalworking and jewelry design as a serious form of creative expression. Focuses on the basic techniques of metal forming and joining, wire forming, and forging, stretching of sheet metals and various metal finished techniques.
Offered fall, spring and summer semesters.

FINA-S 301 Drawing II (3 cr)

Intermediate course in drawing using the human model and other subjects. Emphasis placed on technical command of the media in conjunction with the development of a visual awareness. Addressed are continued problems in the articulation of space, scale, volume, value, and linear sensitivity.
Offered in spring semesters, as well as occasionally in summer.
Can be taken once for credit.

FINA-S 331 Painting II (3 cr)

Intermediate course in painting from the model and other sources. Emphasis on technical command and understanding of the components of painting space, color, volume, value, and scale. Media: oil or acrylics.
Offered in fall semester, as well as occasionally in summer.
Can be taken once for credit.

FINA-S 351 Typography I (3 cr)

Studies in visual communication with an emphasis on typography, including measurement and structure, detail and refinement, hierarchy and legibility, tools, and application to various media in digital and print formats. An introduction to type history, aesthetics and analysis are also considered.

FINA-S 361 Ceramics II (3 cr)

Continued practice in clay forming and glazing, with the emphasis on wheel throwing, surface decoration, and kiln firing techniques. Instruction through lectures, demonstrations, and critiques.
Offered in fall and spring semesters, as well as occasionally in summer.

FINA-S 371 Sculpture II (3 cr)

Development of skills in both traditional and contemporary sculpture methodology. Rotating semester topics include figurative sculpture, carving, casting, steel/wood construction, computer-aided machining and rapid prototyping, installation art, and public art. Emphasis on the exploration of ideas through the sculptural form and knowledge of materials and historical traditions.
Offered occasionally.

FINA-S 381 Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II (3 cr)

Extensive drawing, designing, and model making for exploring forms and ideas in metal and mixed media, either as jewelry, hollow ware, flatware, boxes, or small-scale sculpture. Focuses on techniques of angle raising, repoussé and chasing, forging of flatware, stone setting, and lost-wax casting, jewelry mechanisms, hinge making, and patination of metals. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
Offered fall and spring semesters and occasionally summers.

FINA-S 400 Independent Studio Projects (1-3 cr)

Individual studio projects under guidance of faculty or committee. Does not fulfill a specific course requirement for a fine arts major.
Departmental permission required.

FINA-S 401 Drawing III (3 cr)

Advanced course in drawing. Continuation of S301. Offered in spring semesters, as well as occasionally in summer. Repeatable up to 15 hours.

FINA-S 431 Painting III (3 cr)

Advanced course in painting. Continuation of S331.
Offered in fall and spring semesters.

FINA-S 454 Professional Projects (2 – 5 cr)

Advanced course.

FINA-S 461 Ceramics III (3 cr)

Further practice in ceramic techniques. Lectures and critiques.
Repeatable up to 15 hours.
Offered in fall and occasional spring semesters.

  • Prerequisite: 3 Credit hours in ceramics or consent of the Instructor.

FINA-S 471 Sculpture III (3 cr)

Advanced work in sculpture for qualified students working in the chosen materials. The course focuses on the development of ideas as manifest in sculptural form.
Repeatable up to 15 hours.
Offered occasionally.

FINA-T 255 Art and Design (3 cr)

Introduction to formal elements of two-and three-dimensional design and how these apply to contemporary crafts. Aesthetic judgment and personal creativity emphasized. Required for elementary education majors. FINA-T255 does not count toward the Fine Arts major or the Humanistic/Artistic general education competency area.
Offered occasionally.

FINA-U 401 Special Topics in Studio Art (1-3 cr)

Special topics in studio art not ordinarily offered in other departmental courses.
Offered occasionally in the summer.

  • Prerequisite: Any 200 or 300 level studio course.